LEM Meat Grinders — Company Overview

There are a lot of meat grinder producers around the world, and I’ve sampled quite a few products from companieslem products logo based in China, Europe and elsewhere — but one business that puts out consistently great items is LEM Products Direct, located in the United States. One of the reasons that I like their grinders is that it’s a company that knows its audience. That’s because its founder is Larry Metz, a hunter, and meat-cutter who launched the business in 1991. Larry had more than 35 years of experience working with food-cutting companies, so he knows his stuff. Launching LEM, he started with devising some initial new ways of processing meat without bones, and an instructional video on processing deer meat. But over the years the company grew and expanded the types of products that it offers — and now it counts several top-line meat grinders among its products, and it’s with trying those grinders that I’ve had some great successes.

the best meat grinderLEM has hundreds of different products but I’ve only sampled the half-dozen or so grinders they have on the market. They’re great for producing a range of meats and foods, including regular ground meat and also for sausages and other materials — perfect for most cooks. LEM touts its high-quality products, and they’re all produced at the company’s facility in West Chester, Ohio. Although they are available for sale in stores, ordering direct is often best because you can shop from their full catalog. Consider shipping costs if you’re not in the United States because these grinders aren’t always light in weight and the cost to get them overseas could outweigh the benefits of the units. But remember that this is a business that is often at the top of the game with grinders so that a little extra shipping cost might be worth it.

Because of their more than two decades of experience making grinders, you can expect a great quality product, but they’re not always the first choice for the cost-conscious cook. LEM grinders are top-notch, but you can also expect to be paying some top-level prices for them.

75 HP LEM meat grinder

I’ve never had any major problems with any of the LEM products that I’ve tried, but the few times I’ve had to reach out to their customer service I’ve always heard back promptly and gotten all my questions answered, so it’s a big thumbs-up for their attention to their customers. That’s particularly useful for more amateur cooks who might need more assistance with their grinders.Plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all their grinders, so if you end up getting one and aren’t won over, it won’t end up costing you anything if you send it back.LEM meat grinder super

On its website, LEM says, “We believe home processing to be a deeply rewarding experience and an essential part of the outdoor experience” — but that doesn’t mean their grinders are just for people who are also big game hunters. When you take all the factors into account (cost, quality, reliability) you can rest assured that you’ll get a great grinder, whatever your cooking goals.

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